Enhancing CRM data with CVR API and Alteryx

Having the right data on your customers can be essential when doing business. This could cover segmentation tasks, having the right contact data or the professional look of having the right data on invoices and invitations. However, maintaining such data can be time consuming and trivial.

To ease the process we have made a workflow in Alteryx that takes the CVR numbers of the companies you would like information about and return their data from CVR. We use the CVR API to gather the data.

The workflow in Alteryx is fairly simple and consist of 4 overall steps:

  1. Make API URL's for each entry
  2. Download the data from the API
  3. Parse the returned JSON (For more info about JSON parsing see our blog post "FIT(BIT) YOUR JSON DATA IN ALTERYX"
  4. Choose relevant data, rename columns and ouput data

So what we started out with was a list of Danish CVR numbers that we would like to get info about (See file here: CVR numre). What we end out with is a enriched list with a lot of usefull data about these companies (See file here: CVR med data)

For the danish readers, I have made a video with a more detailed description of the above steps: Data fra CVR

It is possible to download a 14 day trial here and the module can be downloaded here.

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