External links in Tableau dashboards

An external link from a dashboard to a website or another browser-based system can be handy for allowing users an easy way to more information. You can insert a link in a text field on the dashboard - but it needs to be a full path (and links can get pretty long and ugly).

Full path link: //

Link with a title: Danish maps

This workaround will do the trick and give you the ability to control the title of the link. The concept is to create a new datasource and let the data be a link by creating a dashboard action.

Step 1 - Add new datasource
  • Create a sheet like this in excel. The text in row number 2 will be the link title.
  • Copy/paste the data in Tableau or save the file and open it.

Step 2 - Visualize the title
  • Move "Link" (or the name you gave the first row) into the Rows field.

Step 3 - Get rid of the "Abc" text
  • Create a calculated field by right clicking in the Dimensions field.

  • Fill it out with "black" as name and two quotes with a space in the middle as formula.

  • Lastly drop the new calculated field on "Text" in the Marks shelve .

  • And notice the "Abc" text is gone.

Step 4 - Format the title as a link
  • Right click on "Link" in the sheet and "Hide field Labels for Rows".

  • Fit the width og the second column to a minimum

  • Remove the borders under Format -> Borders in the menu.

  • Select "None" under the headers "Row Divider" and "Column Divider"

  • Right click on the title and "Format"

  • Give the text an appropriate link color

Step 4 - See the link in action
  • Open a dashboard, move the sheet onto it and right click and "Hide Title".

  • Remove the tooltip by selecting "Tooltip" on the Marks shelve and removing all the text.

  • Select action from the "Dashboard" menu

  • Select "Add Action" and "URL"

  • Fill in the URL field and pick "Select" "Run action on".

  • And enjoy the link!

Checkout the workbook for this example: Link from viz

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