Informix and Tableau - How to make it work!

Let me start by saying, that this blog post is not going to free you for all your nightmares, however it is going to make you able to use Tableau with an Informix database.

Before we start digging into the details I would like to present the problem. First step is to make the connection to the database work, which proved to take a few tries, even after reading articles about the matter. What I figured out is that you should NOT use a predefined ODBC (using this method I just get an error), but instead use the driver directly in Tableau. This is what it looks like when I connect from a predefined ODBC source:

So far we have identified, that the issue is caused by Informix not being able to handle the DATETRUNC function which Tableau is using to split dates. This can be partially solved by editing the XML according to this article (//, however in my case this only gave me the opportunity to use discrete dates.

So lets look at the solution - or at least one solution. Instead of using a connection directly to the database, I figured out, that if we get to a point where we can make an extract, Tableau is able to use the native TDE driver. Using this we suddenly have all functionality back in Tableau. So by following the steps shown in the GIF below, we are able to use an Informix database with all functionality in Tableau (I have included some additional steps, showing the problems when not having the extract).

I hope that this can help you get started with analyzing your Informix data with Tableau. If you have any problems or new suggestions you are welcome to contact me or comment below!

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