Multiple lines in Tableau

How do I work with multiple lines on the same or on a secondary axis in Tableau? - I found it a bit hard to work around this when I started using Tableau (and thought it was more fun to build new stuff than seeing the online training videos). Here is how I do it today:

Add a measure to the same Axis

Drag the new measure onto the existing axis and drop it when you see the two green rulers side by side:

Add a measure to the secondary Axis (and change the style)

Drag the measure all the way to right and drop it when you see the stepped line:

Maybe you want to synchronize the axis and uncheck "Show header" to remove the axis to the right:

Now you can format the secondary measure independently by using the mark shelf:

More on multi measure charts

  • John Wright on the same topic
  • Multi-Measure Dual Axis Charts (InterWork)

Tableau feature request

  • It would be nice to have have the option of using multiple values on the secondary axis in the same way I can use it on the first axis. Wote for the idea here.

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