Why selling Tableau is easy as 1-2-3!

As a salesperson there is nothing better, then when a product almost sells it self. With Tableau this is almost the case. I just have to book the meeting and be there on time - the rest of the work is done by Tableau. Here is how:

  • 1: The 5 Minute Demo Is Mind Blowing

40 minutes in to a sales meeting i casually ask "shall we have a look at it?". The person on the other side of the table having talked for the first part of the meeting leans back ready for the usual IT software demo containing plenty of phrases like "This is of course a demo, but normally we could do X, Y and Z". This time however it is different. Within the first minute he leans forward, within the second minute the look of awe is stuck and by the end of the 5 minutes he is brainstorming on how to use it in the organisation. In 5 minutes a Tableau demo easily covers:

Data blending, data manipulation, graph building, explorative analysis, dashboard building, design possibilities, mapping and easy sharing. As well as casually scrolling thru the long list of native connectors.

  • 2: Low Up-Front Investment

So following the demo, the client is either interested or stuck in the 90'ies. From here the look of awe and the brainstorming is often replaced by the sceptical frown and the question "Sooo. What does all this cost?" Luckily the happy days are soon reestablished - With the cost for one desktop license at 2000 USD, it is easy to find the funds to get started. At 2000 USD he gets access to all parts of the software. He doesn't have to spend extra on add-ins or modules, but can take advantage of the entire package. "But wait! The catch is the price of sharing. right!?" Enter Tableau Reader. With Tableau Reader it is possible to distribute interactive dashboards in the organisation for free. The reader must install the reader in the same way one would install a PDF reader, and now it is possible to open Tableau files and enjoy the possibilities showed in the demo. So all in all it is actually possible to do an evaluation of the product at the total cost of 2000 USD.

  • 3: Land and Expant

The client wants it and can afford a 2000 USD investment so everyone is happy... right? Hmm - I won't be able to pay my dues selling 2000 USD worth of software, so what do I do now? This is where Tableau tells its partners in a fantastic display of arrogance to just wait. Hold their hand a bit, but just wait. Tableau is such a strong product that almost all organisations which buys a license, will expand the usage and come back for more. Not because they have too or because they can't get rid of it, now they have installed it (I am looking at you SAP) but because the people working with it WANTS more. Not only from a business perspective, but also from a "I LOVE WORKING WITH TABLEAU" perspective.

This blog was of course written as a funny sidenote to other salespeople... however if you are not a Tableau salesperson, but want to try out the software for your own business write me an e-mail, give me a call or go here to order a trial.

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