2 ways to format a number in Tableau - and remove the unit

Number formatting in Tableau works pretty neat, but it took some time before I found out that it is both possible to 1) set the default format for a number and 2) specify a sheet specific number format.

Specify a Number Format For The Active Sheet Only
  1. Right click on the number/axis and select "Format"(or use the top menu and select "Format" and "Font")

  2. Click the "Fields" button and select the measure that needs formatting.

  3. Select the appropiate formating style

    Set a Default Format That Works For All Sheets
    1. Right click on a dimension and chose "Default Properties" and "Number format"

    1. Select the appropriate format options. In this dialog I chose zero decimals and to view the number in thousands

Get Rid Of The Number Unit

I like to show the numbers with units (eg. in thousands) but instead of letting a K follow each number I would like to state in the title how the units are set and remove the unit.

Also here I can leverage on Tableau's number formatting. To remove the K's from the previous section I will choose "Custom" right after I set the units to "Thousands (K)". Then the Custom format will reflect the format just created.

To remove the K's I will just remove them the two times they are present (one for the positive numbers and one for the negative numbers).

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