Top 5 Tableau shortcuts

I keep finding new useful shortcuts in Tableau. Here is how I duplicate a field, flip between tiled and floating dashboard objects, make better use of "Show me" and more.

1) Duplicate a field by using the ctrl key

When building a sheet it happens I need the same measure several times. A quick way to accomplish this is to press the ctrl key and drag the existing measure to a new position.

2) Flip between Tiled and Floating dashboard objects with shift

Instead of using the "Arrow" menu in the dashboard to flip between floating and titled objects, it is possible to do the same by pressing shift and dragging the object from the dashboard menu or by the object handle.

3) Pick measures and dimensions before using "Show Me"

For me a key feature in Tableau is the fact that Tableau can be creative for me. Therefore, I often use the Show Me section. Recently I found out I did not had to move measures and dimensions into the Viz to use Show Me, as it works just as well when I just select multiple measures and dimensions while pressing the ctrl key

4) Move field into the sheet with right mouse click

Instead of using the normal procedure where one drags measures to the column and row shelf with the left mouse button, it is possible to drag with the right mouse button and then immediacy get the options for that measure e.g. how the aggression should be.

5) Use the sort buttons

I use the sort button in the menu bar all the time. Notice you can click on the measure/dimension you like on the sheet and then use the sort buttons to sort by that particular measure/dimension.

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