Case Competition 2019

Upon the past two years more than 400 students have participated in the workshops and case competition hosted by Inviso and partner companies Deloitte and Novo Nordisk. This fall we are ready to do it all again and you are invited to a great series of events, where you will leverage your skills within the field of data driven consulting.

This year, Adidas will supply us with data from their marketing department along with a business case they want you to solve. As a global leader within the fashion, sports and lifestyle industry, Adidas are using the Tableau and Alteryx platforms to get fast insights and perform advanced analytics that will disable redundant work processes and deliver substantial business value.

The ability to optimize production by data driven decision-making is crucial to deliver continuous growth within the fashion industry. We want you to apply your knowledge from your studies along with the skills you gain from our workshops. The aim is to deliver valuable insights from data supplied by Adidas and present a solution to their business case.

About the case competition

The business case and data from adidas will be released Saturday morning at Soho, Flæsketorvet 68, København V. You may work in groups of 2-4 participants and solve the case remotely. The deadline for the competition is Sunday October 27th at 11.59 am. Details in terms of requirements for submissions will appear with the release of the data and business case.

Evaluation process

The evaluation of the business case will focus on your technical capabilities and ability to present insights that deliver value to the organisation Furthermore the evaluation will focus on how you solved the business case. You will present your findings to a panel consisting of senior managers from adidas and consultants and partners from Inviso. The winner of each subgroup will go to the finals that takes place Sunday afternoon.

Finals and afterparty

The best performing group will be honored with a price of 15.000 DKK. After the rewards all participants are invited to a final party with food and drinks.


Yes! We encourage you to drop by our workshops, however it is definitely not mandatory

No, you can use any tool that you prefer when solving the case. However, consultants from Inviso will be present during Saturday to help you out with any technical issues in relation to Tableau & Alteryx.

You can sign up in groups of 2-4 people.

Unfortunately not. This year's data-driven case competition will only be open for students. However our workshops prior to the case is open to everyone, including professionals!

Video - Case Competition 2018


It is up to you to choose which program you will use to process the data and solve the business case. However, we would like to give you the fundamental skills when using Tableau and Alteryx in a data-driven business context. Therefore we invite you to a range of workshops facilitated by Inviso. During the workshops you will learn how to leverage the software you will be using during the case competition and you will learn the best practice when it comes to presenting your findings.

  • Alteryx fundamentals workshops: September 24th 2019, from 17.00-20.00
  • Alteryx advanced Analytics workshop: October 1st 2019, from 17.00-20.00
  • Tableau visualization workshop: October 8th 2019, from 17.00-20.00

It is not mandatory to participate in both workshops and case competition. You can choose to only participate in the case competition or vice versa. We will be serving dinner and drinks after each workshop. In order to ensure that we have enough,

If you have specific inquiries you are welcome to contact


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Case Competition

Oct. 26-27th

Deadline for signup: Oct. 13th

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